Church Services of Unusual Length

I didn’t think they existed… until now.

A typical LBW liturgy Lutheran service weighs in at just over an hour, with some variability for sermon length. University Lutheran’s tend to be on the longer side, because there is some serious pipeline stalling when it comes to the Common Table method of communion (as opposed to continuous), we do longer and more involved Prayers of the People, an extended Eucharist preparation, and verbal announcements built into the service before the closing hymn. So at UniLu, a service would more like approach the 1:20 range.

Today, through some convergence of the planets, it was also Holy Trinity Sunday, and on top of the special service there were two baptisms, two farewells, and the 70th anniversary of the ordination of one of our pastors emeritus. As such, we approached 2 hours, and that doesn’t count the fact that I was there early for choir practice.

I just can’t still that long. Maybe I need Ritalin or somesuch. Really it’s the standing still that’s worse. I’m sure I’ll be less bitter in a few minutes.