Lamest. Protest. Ever.

Yesterday I saw a mention on digg that there was going to be an anti-DRM protest at the local Apple Store in Cambridge. It’s the sort of thing that would get organized near MIT’s campus. I had an errand to run at the store (an item exchange) anyways, so I decided that I would go to marvel at the spectacle.

As it happened, the protesters were an hour late, and there were only seven or eight of them. Ah well; I guess the rentacops were well-paid for keeping the store protected from no one for an hour. The funny part was that the store staff announced to everyone that there would be protesters showing up in hazmat suits, and that we should not be alarmed. Even their hazmat suits were pretty lame, although admittedly my phone’s camera doesn’t capture them well.

While waiting for the protest to start, I sat around and watched the Getting Started With OS X seminar, and to my chagrin, actually learned a few tricks that I hadn’t known about or found on my own. I also finally got the very difficult to find TOSLINK to mini-TOSLINK adaptor, although I did need to buy another 6 foot optical audio cable to get it. I may resell the cable, or I may just keep it on the off chance I need another one some day for some other audio component.

My frustrations related to determining, finding, and purchasing the correct A/V adaptors for making my computer the center of my entertainment is covered in the next post.

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  1. what were some of the tricks?

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