Reasons Why I Hate GNOME

All I want is some decent genealogy software. GRAMPS is it. Unfortunately, GRAMPS depends on everything and the kitchen sink:

The following package will be installed or updated:
The following 163 additional packages will be installed:
atk1 atk1-shlibs audiofile audiofile-bin audiofile-shlibs autoconf2.5
automake1.9 bonobo-shlibs compress-zlib-pm581 db3 db3-shlibs db42-ssl-shlibs
default-icon-theme docbook-xsl eel2 eel2-shlibs esound esound-bin
esound-common esound-shlibs gail17 gail17-dev gail17-shlibs gal21-shlibs
gconf-shlibs gconf2 gconf2-dev gconf2-shlibs gdbm3 gdbm3-shlibs
gdk-pixbuf-shlibs giflib giflib-bin giflib-shlibs glib2 glib2-dev glib2-shlibs
gmp gmp-shlibs gnome-base gnome-core gnome-desktop gnome-desktop4-shlibs
gnome-icon-theme gnome-keyring gnome-keyring-dev gnome-keyring-shlibs
gnome-libs gnome-libs-dev gnome-libs-shlibs gnome-mime-data gnome-panel
gnome-panel-shlibs gnome-print gnome-print-shlibs gnome-python2-py23
gnome-vfs2-ssl gnome-vfs2-ssl-dev gnome-vfs2-ssl-shlibs gtk+ gtk+-data
gtk+-shlibs gtk+2 gtk+2-dev gtk+2-shlibs gtk-doc gtkhtml1.1-shlibs guile-dev
guile-shlibs html-parser-pm581 html-tagset-pm imlib imlib-shlibs imlib2
imlib2-shlibs intltool libart2 libart2-shlibs libbonobo2 libbonobo2-dev
libbonobo2-shlibs libbonoboui2 libbonoboui2-dev libbonoboui2-shlibs
libcroco1-shlibs libexif-shlibs libgettext3-dev libglade-shlibs libglade2
libglade2-shlibs libgnome2 libgnome2-dev libgnome2-shlibs libgnomecanvas2
libgnomecanvas2-dev libgnomecanvas2-shlibs libgnomeprint2.2
libgnomeprint2.2-dev libgnomeprint2.2-shlibs libgnomeprintui2.2-shlibs
libgnomeui2 libgnomeui2-shlibs libgsf-shlibs libgtkhtml2-shlibs libidl2
libidl2-shlibs libjpeg libjpeg-bin libjpeg-shlibs libpng3 libpng3-shlibs
librsvg2 librsvg2-shlibs libtiff libtiff-bin libtiff-shlibs libwww-pm581
libxml libxml-shlibs libxml2 libxslt libxslt-bin libxslt-shlibs libzvt2-shlibs
m4 nautilus-shlibs netpbm netpbm-bin netpbm-shlibs netpbm10-shlibs
numeric-py23 oaf oaf-dev oaf-shlibs orbit orbit-dev orbit-shlibs orbit2
orbit2-dev orbit2-shlibs pango1-xft2 pango1-xft2-dev pango1-xft2-shlibs passwd
pil-py23 popt popt-shlibs pygtk2-py23 pygtk2-py23-dev pyorbit2-py23 python23
python23-shlibs python23-socket readline-shlibs reportlab-py23 scrollkeeper
shared-mime-info startup-notification-shlibs tcltk tcltk-dev tcltk-shlibs
uri-pm581 xml-parser-pm581
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Because of course it’s a great idea to write code in Python and develop the GUI in GLADE!

Did I mention that this is a year-old version of GRAMPS? I’m still fighting with the newer versions of GTK+ to make GRAMPS 2.0.x go.

I win 1,001 prizes.

Don Juan op. 20” from Also Sprach Zarathustra by Richard Strauss


4 responses to “Reasons Why I Hate GNOME”

  1. My parents are hardcore genealogists. I think they use The Master Genealogist, but I could ask them.

  2. Um, your iTunes tagging is a bit off. Don Juan is something different from ASZ. Ultimately, the problem is that standard digital music tagging doesn’t work as well for classical music.

  3. I actually thought about that; the issue is that the album consists of several pieces from several works, and is called Also Sprach Zarathustra (and a long listing of the other things). I found it easier to just mislabel it, because I knew to which CD it was referring.

    Talk to Dan or Branen if you’re interested in concepts for better music metadata, such as using a directed graph to have arbitrary relationships between data classes.

  4. I don’t listen to enough classical music to merit distinguishing by performer. I haven’t yet decided whether to break up albums containing multiple pieces, but I’m leaning towards doing that. Thus I’m using Artist for composer, Album for piece, and Title for movement. Where the performer is particularly relevant, it’ll be a paranthetical in the album name.

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