I learned a new word at the all-hands quarterly meeting on Tuesday: “billability”. It’s the percentage of one’s salaried hours that can be billed to a specific contract. It is therefore a reflection of how effective a given individual, group, or department is.

If one’s billability is high, it means you’re not wasting time. If a group’s billability is high, that means that they have active contracts that are occupying most of the group members time, which reflects well on productivity and so forth.

Right now, because I just started and haven’t found any ways to waste time yet, my billability is almost 100%. The only exceptions were for my orientation and the all-hands meeting.

Here’s to bringing up the average (at least for a little while).

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2 responses to “Billability”

  1. but can’t you be lazy about work you’re doing under a contract and still maintain high billability?

  2. My billability is a little low right now because I’m learning on the job and there isn’t much work. We tend to have a few big projects on hand, rather than bunches of little ones, and we’re waiting for go-aheads on several of them.

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