Bank Error In Someone Else’s Favor

I talked to my landlord today, and he mentioned that he had some difficulty depositing my security deposit, saying that there was a name mismatch between my checking account and my SSN.

I called Bank of America, where I opened my new account, and discovered that my last name and middle name got swapped! I’d like to introduce you all to Mr. Cameron…

I must say, I am impressed at myself for not noticing the error on any of the documentation, or on my debit card, or on the envelope that contained my ATM PIN, or on my web login, or…

On top of all of that, I have to go back to the physical branch location where I opened the account to change any of this. Which means that nothing can happen until I’m back in Boston next Friday.

Maybe I should take this clerical error as a sign to legally change my name?


2 responses to “Bank Error In Someone Else’s Favor”

  1. Wow, a name error and it had nothing to do with Nicholas/Nicolas. Freaky.

  2. I made sure to double-check that one, since just about every institution I’ve ever been associated with has screwed it up at least once.

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