Busy Packing

I’ve been rather busy packing up my life. It’s a time-consuming activity, one which raises questions like “how did I get so much stuff?” and “how did I get the money to buy so much stuff?”.

In spite of packing, I did have time to attend that Harry Potter party, get a copy, and read it in one 4-hour go into the wee hours of Saturday morning. I really enjoyed The Half-Blood Prince. No spoilers here, but I liked the overall feel of the book better than the last. I guess I prefer plot and world exposition to inter-character angst.

While packing, I’ve also been keeping myself busy re-ripping new music. At some point, probably during a recent software update, my copy of iTunes switched from the AAC encoder to the MP3 encoder. In addition to wasting my time by requiring me to rerip all of our recent purchase, it also wastes space on my hard drive and my iPod because it’s encoding at 192 bps instead of the 128 bps that AAC uses.

Speaking of my iPod, the addition of almost 2.5 days of music that my dad has accumulated over the last year has exceeded the capacity of my older 15 GB 3rd-gen iPod. At the moment, I’m just letting iTunes pick what gets loaded automagically, but I may prune my library or manually select what actually gets copied.

Such decisions will probably wait until I am settled in Boston. So many things to do.


4 responses to “Busy Packing”

  1. Just so you know, I’m pretty sure that your comments in your second paragraph qualify as spoilers under ‘s definition…

  2. Ha, try accidentally burning 5 CDs with WMA mathematically lossless formate. That’s up to 900 bps, baby! Which I discovered AFTER going though my harddrive and deleting things like AOL and pictures I didn’t like. Both of which are, of course, good things to do to I now have almost a gigbyte of free space, amazing! (It’s a 2 year old 30GB laptop, I’m not complaining.) How is the sound quality between those two formats and how does it compare with WMA? I know I should just completely switch to iTunes, but old habits are hard to break. I just set it to WMA variable bit rate with the slider right in the middle between “quality” and “size.”

  3. What is ‘s definition? It does inform one that there will be more world exposition than inter-character angst, but that is expected from the pattern we’ve seen, if not something to take for granted. I haven’t read the book, but I consider spoilers to be not just pieces of information that aren’t officially given to readers prior to the relevant time in the reading of the book, but pieces of such information that actually cheapen the experience in some way, by letting out things that are supposed to be a surprise in the story.

  4. See http://www.livejournal.com/users/carpenter/77571.html. Her point, which I think I understand, is that any information about the work, including vague things like feel, would distract her because she would constantly be thinking about that, instead of just enjoying it. Anyway, she’s read it now, so in this case it doesn’t so much matter. :-)

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