Note: I meant to post this this morning before my final. I saved it, but failed to hit Post in XJournal. Ah well.

Number of times I have been conscious at 7:30 this week: 5.

Guess the split between waking up before 7:30 and staying up past 7:30 and you will win a prize! [1]

I realize I haven’t posted in a long, long while. Like almost a month. I’ve naturally been rather busy, and what little free time I’ve had has been dedicated to those activities that help keep my sane (Star Trek, configuring computers, cleaning, and playing D&D).

My E90 is done, at least as far as the academic work is concerned. I think I have my Engineering major. In about four hours, I will be done with my Computer Science major, assuming I get more than about a 50% on this Theory of Computation exam. I may not “get” Theory, but I think that I can do at least that much.

After today, my only work for academic credit is to finish two graphics projects, an implementation of fast radiosity, and a project I haven’t thought of yet. However, I do expect to do more work on Rune, the Robot-User Nexus. Mainly I want to demonstrate that my interface can actually control the Blimp, the Submarine, and the Magellans simultaneously. Right now, they’re all written to be compatible, but it hasn’t been tested yet. Plus, I want to leave the code in good shape for those who come after.

I also have more leads on the job front. I realized while writing my E90 report that there are several people I know in non-academic robotics that I have yet to contact. I also need to follow up on some more e-mails.

Finally, I need to beat Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal before I lose access to the SCCS’ PS2. I don’t think it will take me very long; they included multiplayer, so the single player game is smaller than the previous two installments.

[1] Note: Prize may be worthless, such as a the benefit of my company.


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  1. Guess the split between waking up before 7:30 and staying up past 7:30 and you will win a prize! [1]

    If I had been conscious at 5.30 am fewer times this week, I would possibly have the mental power to a) have paid attention when you said this originally before we started gaming tonight and b) remember it now — which makes me sad, because that prize is not worthless! :)

    Can we watch lots of Star Trek senior week?

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