The Facebook is a Plague

I received the following message on my Facebook account today, which confirms to me why the Facebook is poisoning America’s college youth.

Hi, my name is Charlie. Im not some lonely freak trying to make friends on thefacebook, but im just trying to see how many people i can be connected to on thefacebook in the shortest amount of time (and perhaps break the world record… right). So far Ive got 50,000 friends in 2 weeks. I started by sending everyone a friend request, but apparently theres a limit on many friend requests you can have, so if you could please add me as a friend that would be cool. If not, then whatever. sall good. To add me as a friend just goto

As an aside, I will post something about this weekend and last week and the craziness when I haven’t just woken up. Maybe.


5 responses to “The Facebook is a Plague”

  1. I got that a week or so ago. Silly man.

  2. I received that message too. People confuse me. On the plus side, the Facebook does have a group for Swarthmore Militants for the Preservation of the Apostrophe. I think this group should get together and teach Charlie a lesson.

  3. I got it too. I sort of wonder why people friend him.

    But then, I don’t really get the point of facebook.

  4. Yeah, this is old.

  5. The only reason it’s worse than LJ is that you can send people messages. And that there’s no cap for this sort of thing.

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