Graphics Overdose

I stayed up until 5:30 am this morning working on computer graphics. I still got up to go to my 8:30 class. You do the math.

I realized that, of the last 48 hours, I have spent over 22 of them working on graphics. However, we now have polygon triangularization, some basic 3-D polyhedron primitives, z-buffer rendering (more or less, it’s still sort of broken), canonical view volume clipping, plus a scanline fill algorithm that begins to integrate our drawing system with Dan’s texture mapping code.

Why is it so easy to stay awake very late, and yet so hard to function afterwards?

8 hours straight on Wednesday… 14 hours straight on Thursday and this morning. Am I sick? No, I don’t think so, because I had fun doing it, and I learned, and I wrote some good code. I think. Well, it’s almost entirely doing what it’s supposed to, so that’s something, right?

Over that time, I wrote over 3000 lines of code. I debugged and got completely working about 2000 lines of that. And I enjoyed every minute of it.

Some might argue that I was subconsciously trying to escape reality. If that’s true, at least I got something productive out of my moping ;o).

The best part is knowing that “real” programmers have nowhere near this level of personal productivity, in the industrial average. Hah. Students sacrifice sleep and food for the Cause of the Code!!!!

I’m not making sense now, so I sleepy-sleepy for a few hours.

Wake Up” from The Matrix by Rage Against The Machine