Bizarre Dream

As I already mentioned, I got very, very little sleep on Thursday night. About two and a half hours. Apparently I had some vivid dreams, but I didn’t actually remember them until later in the day.

While we were driving to Granite Run to see The Incredibles, Cassie pointed out a business along the pike called “Modern Dental Concepts”. We started joking about what experimental dentistry would be like, when my dream suddenly rushed back to me.

I don’t remember exactly where I was, but I had guests over. I think we were planning to watch a movie. More to the point, my upper jaw had fallen out. I spent most of the dream carrying around my upper jaw, looking for people to help me. The problem was that I couldn’t really talk intelligibly. Note that the jaw somehow separated from the rest of my skull.

Public safety was useless, the nurses at Worth couldn’t find any cavities so they wouldn’t help me. I don’t remember much else of what happened in the dream, but I know that I was (obviously) seriously freaked out during it.

I blame Emily for telling me last weekend the story of her TMJ surgery.

Falling For The First Time” from All Their Greatest Hits 1991-2001 by Barenaked Ladies