Let’s Take Shots of Cheese!

I swear, it was Emery’s idea. I think we’d melt the cheese, put it into a shot glass, and drink it before it cools completely.

Thoughts? Are we insane?

Suggestions? Perhaps a touch of chili powder?

Barely Legal” from Is This It? by The Strokes


7 responses to “Let’s Take Shots of Cheese!”

  1. Think Fondue, or CheezWhiz.

  2. Real cheeze has to be pretty hot to be liquid enough to actually drink — I think you’d burn yourself. You might be able to mix the cheese with something to keep it liquid at lower temperatures, though.

  3. We did this as a punishment for non-drinkers (me) at the rugby team as an alternative to downing shots of whiskey.

    It was not pleasant.

  4. oil burns are sorta a bad thing…

  5. Watch the temperature of the melted cheese — it’ll be pretty hot, and if you’re using an especially oily cheese, the oil that separates out during the melting process could be pretty painful to swallow.

  6. My favorite nonalcoholic shot is worchestershire sauce. With wasabi added for masochism, sometimes.

  7. /me whimpers and runs away quickly

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