There Can Be Only One

I finally saw Highlander (the movie) last night. It’s pretty bad, and so very, very 80s…

Of course, it redeems itself entirely on the merits of having a Queen soundtrack.

I don’t understand how it relates to the TV series, of which I have seen several episodes, but I guess I shouldn’t really care ;o).

A lot more time working on the robots yesterday. Hopefully I’ll be able to iron out most of the bugs with my code today.


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  1. You haven’t truly seen Highlander until you’ve alternated Dune and Highlander for 48 hours straight.

    Also, LF magnetic field talkback is very cool.

  2. Christopher Lambert, the guy in the movies, is Connor MacLeod (or Rayden if you happen to be watching the abysmal “Mortal Kombat” or the so-bad-it’s-not-even-a-movie “Mortal Kombat 2”; yes, he truly had quite a career). Show-wise, unless you’re talking about the spin-off series (Highlander: The Raven), the main character is that guy who isn’t particularly famous, who plays Duncan MacLeod. They’re like clan relatives or something, and sort of friends. Connor is older and initially ends up mentoring Duncan. If I recall correctly, Sean Connery, who is this sort of swashbuckly guy in a few of the movies, is in turn Connor’s mentor, which is mostly explored in either the first or second movie. Duncan and Connor both tend to use katanas because the writers figured they’re cool, and there’s some story that they made up about it later. Suffice it to say, you can travel all over the world and learn lots of random combat styles if all you do is wander about and kill people for hundreds of years. Duncan kills Connor to absorb his knowledge to go fight this evil guy in one of the subsequent movies (4, maybe?).

    Yes, there really are like half a dozen Highlander movies. Also both a series *and* a spin-off series. Mostly they all suck.

    If you like 80s movies with Queen soundtracks, though, check this one out: Flash Gordon (1980). It’s very silly and over-the-top and cardboard. Sort of like the old Batman show, I guess. Like it’s good in a meta sense but not in any direct sense. I’d be very surprised if this hasn’t been a SWIL Movie.

  3. That’s a foolish parody version of the Real Deal, which was shown as serials much earlier in the 20th century. (And, relative to existing technology, is much better done. At the least it’s not consciously kampy.)

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