Brain in Overdrive

Do you ever find yourself in the state where you feel like your brain is more functional than usual? I felt like that yesterday. I was working on completely rewriting the serial interface for our cameras, and I just felt really energized and into it. I wrote over 1200 lines of code yesterday, and learned how to use terminfo and pthreads in a program. Also, as I mentioned in my previous post, I have learned far more than I should have about how to talk to Canon VC-series communication cameras.

The 9-7 hours have made for a very long week. One thing that has helped me stay sane is this little gem: Kingdom of Loathing. I can usually squeeze in a few adventures while my various programs compile. Good times :o).

I should probably get to sleep – Fritz and I have a long day tomorrow, in the form of finishing pretty much anything and everything we want to have ready for the competition.