Breakfast for Dinner?

In further confusing breakfast developments, we had waffles, eggs, and bacon for dinner. This is on top of the fact that I had no real breakfast until 10:45 when Fritz brought in a pop tart. We were still out of milk, and I completely forgot about the fact that, due to the holiday and it being summer, there would be no other sources of food available. No Kohlberg, no Science Center, no Tarble, no Sharples, nothing in the Ville (no surprise there).

It was actually Luke’s turn to cook, but he cut himself while using an inappropriate knife for slicing peaches. Fritz and I ended up cooking; Fritz made the bacon and eggs, and I handled the waffle iron. I am full again!

Mmm… second breakfast…


4 responses to “Breakfast for Dinner?”

  1. Breakfast is good for every meal of the day! (Although not necessarily all on the same day.) We so need a Waffle House within walking distance of the Swarthmore campus, so we can get breakfast food at 3 am.

  2. Can you make Luke talk to me? He gave me the wrong phone number for Yale House, and he didn’t call me like he promised. Tell him I hope he’s OK, and I’m glad that he’s eating fruit, but the SCDC/ needs him to freaking talk to me if we’re going to do any world-saving this summer.

  3. Hey. I just found this thing called Desktop Manager, and it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Try it, if you haven’t aready; Quartz-accelerated virtual desktops rock.

  4. Yeah, I’ve tried it. I found the pager interface to be kind of clunky. Éxposé serves my purposes, giving me a similar result (access to all of my windows) in a more convenient way (hot corners).

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