Day: June 17, 2004

  • Cooking at Ye Olde Yale House

    I just made a version of this recipe, a sort of tex-mex stew with tortillas. I used more fresh veggies, and add a lot more spice than in the recipe. Yale House as a whole is a big fan of the spicy. Anyway, it was nummy, and Rafa (who can actually cook real Mexican food) […]

  • Behold! The SCCS Forums!

    As I’ve already announced over in the community, the SCCS has just set up a new swarthmore online forum. Anyone with a e-mail address (SCCS, CS, SwatMail, even Alum…) can sign up to use the forums. I did all of the SCCS-ified logos for the various bulletin board themes. When you sign up for […]