(Almost) All Done

I zipped through my Artificial Intelligence final this afternoon. I only studied for about 45 minutes earlier this afternoon, where “studying” consists of flipping through my notes and a couple of the readings. The test was fairly easy; since it was closed everything, I knew there wouldn’t be many specifics. I think I was able to explain everything pretty well. I was able to pull in a lot of good examples from Advanced Perception, Computer Architecture, and my summer work with the robots. I love synergy :o).

Last night, I finished up my sections of our E25 final project report. has several paragraphs, plus a compiler to write (hint, hint). When that’s all done, I’ll be able to upload it and turn it in.

I totally nailed my linguistics final, which means I’m getting a B in the class. The final makes up for my bad midterm and mediocre homework grades. I just couldn’t get consistent grading… I’d do really well on one assignment, and then on the next I’d seemingly miss the entire point. Ah well. It ties E6 and E72 for “worst grade at Swarthmore”. In terms of overall difficulty, pain, and suffering, it definitely doesn’t deserve to be in the same room with those two classes.

The only real work I have left is finishing off some coding for Advanced Perception. Bruce wants everything done by Thursday, which means I’m going to have to do some work from home. Yay for ssh, cvs, and X-forwarding…

I’m really hungry. I haven’t had a proper meal since dinner last night. However, Emery and I have access to a car, so we’re going to go out to eat after moving some boxes around. We’re loading now, so I must depart!

Dance of the Hours” from Walt Disney’s Fantasia by Amilcare Ponchielli