Semester Wrap-Up

This entry has two purposes:

  1. To update you on what I’ve been doing for the last month. I’ll give you a hint: it involves being insanely busy with lots of work, and having my free time focused elsewhere.
  2. My paid subscription to K5, which I’ve pretty much wasted this semester, will run out in 19 days. At the point, I think I will move my web journal somewhere else. Explanation for that follows.

November was a busy, busy month, but it was all worth it. Life is good. This semester went by very, very quickly (today was the last day of classes), and that means that I am inching closer and closer to graduation and the real world. AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

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  1. I have never done a vodka shot, but the lime after a tequila shot is niiiiice. :)

    I was thinking about the hilarious horniness-to-code-breaking-ability equation in Cryptonomicon the other day…

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