The Compatibility Test

Okay, so I broke down and took the silly LJMatch test. I only have Compatibility results, which I assume means Friend compatibility? I’m not going to take the Sexual Compatibility test, although I looked at it. Wouldn’t be much point in answering it anyway, seeing as how I’d have to answer “I haven’t tried it” for just about everything, except for hugging and backrubs.

In case you’re curious, I “won” the purity test for my senior class in high school, with a 94% :oP.

jdh92 102%
ccommack 98%
entanglement 95%
tirerim 87%
carnap 85%
wayman 85%
irilyth 84%
rosta 84%
carpenter 80%
rebeccapaul 76%
qianian 74%
q10 72%
god_of_belac 69%
showergrrl 66%
ursule 66%
mumbly_joe 62%
rose_garden 58%
crystalpyramid 54%
How compatible with me are YOU?


4 responses to “The Compatibility Test”

  1. I can beat you, ha ha! When Beth made me take the purity test my freshman year, I scored 96%!!

  2. Heh. I won it the other way last year on my hall — 42%. I think Rachel and Rebecca had the other end, but still lower than y’all — around 91%. In this case, though, winning actually meant something, since we all got some chocolate, animal crackers, and a CD out of the deal.

  3. It wasn’t fair! If I’d have been there, I would SOOOOOOO have won that chocolate! I am a shining light of innocence and purity. . . do you ever get the feeling that these tests test the wrong things?


  4. 42%…wow. I had no idea. ;)

    Yes, my score was truly formidable in the upper direction. :)

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