What the hell…

So I’m procrastinating. A lot. And I took the sexual compatibility test anyway, even though the results will be pretty worthless. The answer is that I need more female Christian virgin friends :oP.

And Jeff, I’m sorry that I dropped you from 102% to 3%. I just don’t like you that way ;o).

ursule 36%
crystalpyramid 26%
showergrrl 17%
wayman 12%
qianian 12%
q10 11%
god_of_belac 8%
irilyth 7%
tirerim 5%
ccommack 3%
jdh92 3%
mumbly_joe 0%
How sexually compatible with me are you?
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6 comments on “What the hell…
  1. tirerim says:

    Er, is Jeff, not Jed; Jed is .

  2. Nicolas Ward says:

    Stupid brain. The initials always thrown me – I think I’ve done that on chat before too.

  3. jdh92 says:

    Believe me, you are far from the first to do it, and I’m sure you’ll be far from the last. My first couple of years at Swat, JH was far and away the most common set of initials between me, Jed, Jessica Hines (now Turner), and John Halbert. Wacky hijinks ensued. Or maybe just mass confusion.

  4. Nicolas Ward says:

    I corrected it anyway. I, for example, hate it when people assume my name is spelled Nicholas. I can’t stand idly by, etc., etc.

  5. ursule says:

    So does this make me the closest on your friends list to a Christian virgin female? Because if so I think the metric needs some work ;)

  6. Ooh, I was right! The fact that I’m at the very very bottom of your regular list means I’m sexually compatible with you. Well, relatively speaking…

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