To Newer, Loftier Heights

I have had a week of contrasts: insane amounts of work broken up by stretches of free time. Unfortunately, all of that free time is late at night, and generally exists at the detriment of my sleep schedule.

Classes are going well, and it looks like SWIL membership is off to an excellent start this year. We shall see at our first real meeting, today at noon. I look forward to meeting the fresh blood… I mean new members :oD.

The guys from Workbox finally came by with the extra parts necessary to loft my bed, so our room now has even more space. I also mounted my sound system under my bed, so now I can produce some loud to fight back against the crappy bands playing across the way in Olde Club. I’ll post pictures of our wonderful room once I stop being lazy.

We debuted the room, complete with Emery’s projector, to a number of people last night, specifically Jacqui, Julia, Lauren, Adem, and Ethan, and of course Emery and I. After they left, we watched a couple of Star Trek episodes. The screen is beautifully huge, and will be much improved when we build a proper screen (i.e. not the wall) and a futon.

Poll: How many times will I hit my head on my metal bed frame today?

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