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Easily Entertained

Ooo, shiny.

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Feeding my Kobold

Having some delicious leftover Cajun BBQ baby wings. All Hail King Torg!

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Baby Not Included

Yesterday I tried on the new baby carrier. The manual is of course full of warnings about how improper use will make your baby fall and die.

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She seemed pretty happy with me once I provided a bottle. (Andrle is behind the camera.)

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Uncle Nick

Or, in Mali, Tonton Nick. Which makes me think of tauntauns… Aye is so cute! She slept in my arms for about an hour.

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Coffee EVA

This glove and cup combination makes me feel like an astronaut.

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Tree Disposal

All I need is a flannel shirt, and I’d be a lumberjack.

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Reality Distorted

I had just gotten home from work on Wednesday night, when I read this tweet from my friend and fellow Apple fan Andrew. It was certainly a surprise, to the point where I initially doubted it (or perhaps hoped it

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Set course for Marriage Prime, Love Factor 6: I asked Andrle H. Pence to marry me, and she said yes! Woohoo! This all went down the Wednesday before last (July 7th, or 7-7-2010… seven might be her favorite number…) while

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Going Home

Last weekend I attended my five-year reunion at Swarthmore College. I graduated in 2005, and it was my first time back on campus since I attended the 2006 graduation to see off friends from that year. I think I had

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