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Wave Cloud

A sculpture by George Sherwood on the Christian Science Plaza. Part of the Convergence exhibit.

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Sassy Sign

“Yo mammas so cheap she shops here” at the Sav-Mor on Mystic Valley Parkway in Medford.

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Signs of Spring

A neighbor’s yard seen while walking Darcy.

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Dogfish Delivery

Please come to my home?

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We had about four inches, and our building’s snow crew cleared the sidewalk onto these parked cars. I like the speckling.

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Mass Ave Panorama

Massachusetts Avenue mostly cleared near Porter Square.

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Darcy & Andrle in the Snow

Darcy wanted to be picked up, with all the snow on our road.

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I Don’t Think I’ll Bike

In fact, I’m not sure my bike is going anywhere for a while.

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PAX East 2012 Indie Megabooth

Intro Early this year, I made my fifth PAX pilgrimage, this time to PAX East 2012. Even though we only attended two days (because of Easter Sunday and impending travel), we managed to fit in a mix of activities, including

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Stranded in Westborough

On Friday, Andrle and I took a Zipcar out to Worcester to see a friend’s band, Wilderun, open for Turisas at Paganfest 2012 at the Palladium. It was a fun show, and others agreed. I’ve had some exposure to metal

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