Tag: boston

  • Enthusiastically Towed

    Funny parking sign in Harmonix lot near Central Square.

  • Empty

    Goodbye, Watertown!

  • North of the Wall

    The parking lot at work knows nothing.

  • Cold Sunrise

    Theo has us up early! Looks very cold out. I can hear the garbage being collected.

  • Alewife Fog

    The whole station is cloudy inside.

  • Diskettes

    Car parked on Bay State Road. Mostly 5.25″, some 3.5″.

  • Room with a View

    Our post-partum recovery room, and the solarium down the hall, have great views of the Head of the Charles Regatta.

  • Snickering

    I am having a really hard time keeping a straight face with the current ad campaign in Harvard Square station.

  • iPhone 5C Cases

    I guess my neighbor at the bus stop explains the official case design with her day-glo green socks and pink crocs.

  • Downlink

    I thought this was a cool dish. I didn’t know this was hiding in our neighborhood, behind the Watertown Mall.