Category: Photos

  • Smoky Sunset

    Smoky Sunset

    Beautiful sunset caused by our ongoing climate disaster.

  • Last Drop

    Staycation is going well.

  • Pancakes

    Made our favorite vegan pancake recipe from America’s Test Kitchen’s Vegan for Everybody cookbook.

  • Beardo Wardo

    Playing around with shaping my quarantine beard. First time I’ve ever tried managing it… I’m usually either clean shaven or lazy scruffy.

  • Sunset

    Enjoying the roof deck with the puppy now that it’s a bit cooler.

  • Fingers Are Delicious

    Fingers Are Delicious

    Instead of using his patch on the roof, Pike wanted to devour my hand.

  • Working as Intended

    Working as Intended

    “Stop typing so loud, I’m trying to sleep!”

  • Outside


    Pike got some quality time on the roof today. His pee patch is up here but this is the first time he got to hang out. He seemed to enjoy the wind.

  • Sleepy Pup

    Sleepy Pup

    Pike woke up at about 6:30 am needing to go outside, and when we got back he claimed most of my pillow.

  • Meet Pike

    Meet Pike

    After over two years we decided that our family needed a dog again. Yesterday we picked up this little cuteness widget, whom we’ve named Pike (after the Starfleet captain and the public market). Like our previous pooch, Mr. Darcy, he is a Yorkie, although it looks like Pike will end up being quite a bit…