After moving to The Couve and finding ourselves living in an apartment complex that seems full of kids, we were expecting to finally get a lot of trick-or-treaters. Sadly, we were mistaken! Now the only way to manage our disappointment is by eating all of this candy.

We had a total of 10 trick-or-treaters in five groups; the last group was older kids with no parent.

  • ’50s Sock Hop Girl, SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Goddess, Vampire
  • Cinderella
  • Morticia Addams, Russell Wilson
  • Spider-Man, Wolverine, Policeman

I know things have changed since I was a kid, but I just don’t get it. We’re in the ‘burbs, there are tons of kids, it’s Halloween… In a few years I want to be able to take Theo out trick-or-treating! I guess we’ll just have to do the business district daytime rounds? :o(






2 responses to “Trick-or-treat?”

  1. raddevon Avatar

    The urban legends around trick-or-treating have done a number on Halloween, but we still get quite a few kids some years. It was rainy this year, so we only had one group of kids. A year or two back, we had probably 40-50 kids come by.

    You’ll still be able to take Theo in a few years, but it’s not as popular as it was when we were kids. The more sterile mall trick-or-treating or trunk-or-treating (ugh) are what many of the kids seem to be doing now.

    1. Nicolas Ward Avatar

      I’m hopeful we just need to find a neighborhood with community like yours (ignoring weather, of course).

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