Things I Learned This Week

  • To get into the building where you get your Harvard ID, you need a Harvard ID.
  • Yelling “share the road” at a car looks like “asshole” (same vowels) if said car’s windows are closed.
  • I can go on a blind date.
  • I like the new Dr. Who.
  • There is such a thing as Dalek porn. Thank you, Wikipedia, for informing me of that. ::shudder::
  • Lots of Swatties are at Harvard this coming year.
  • A red bell pepper ruptures when dropped two stories.
  • The Internet is sometimes wrong. In this case, its tendency to cache maintained out of date information for a now-closed business.


7 responses to “Things I Learned This Week”

  1. Um. You weren’t kidding about the Dalek porn.

    But they were also in a Kit-Kat commercial!

  2. Obviously they don’t let just anybody get into Harvard.

  3. Hooray for Doctor Who! Hooray for you for liking Doctor Who! I had never heard of Dalek porn before, but I have to say that 1)I am very, very, VERY disturbed, and (2) sadly, I am not surprised. Oh, internet.

    Also, go you for having a blind date!

  4. I went and looked up the Dalek porn. I hate you now. Please die. [/jk]

  5. I always wondered what the suction cup was for.

  6. So who’s the idiot who went and looked it up?;-)

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