Movin’ On Up

Thanks to my boss’ Silver Elite status, I got to tag along up into First Class with him. It’s just a shuttle flight, so no real food or anything, but we got extra snacks, and big seats.

It wasn’t quite as awesome as I expected. I guess it’s a bigger deal for longer flights.

On the shuttle, I normally go for 10A/10F, because on the USAir A319s, there’s no 9A/9F due to the exit row, so you get tons of legroom.


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  1. First class is a HUGE deal on long flights, at least for me. The big seats are much more comfortable — I’ve never had a problem falling asleep in them on cross-country flights.

    I fly almost exclusively on Southwest these days (which doesn’t have first class), but when I lived in Delaware, I flew lots on America West and National (which do/did). On flights from Philly to Las Vegas or Phoenix, I would use my frequent flier miles to get upgrades to First Class — a MUCH better use than getting free coach tickets IMO.

    My ultimate experience was when I flew to South Africa as a chaperone on a school trip. My dad, without my knowledge, used his miles to upgrade me from coach to the upper deck — I forget exactly what it’s called — the deck that you get to by climbing the spiral stairs into the “bump” on the top of a 747. Wow, talk about nice. Seats that reclined all the way back into beds, silk sheets, and gourmet food (including fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies).

  2. My sister and I got upgraded to business class on a direct flight from London to LA (they’d oversold economy, and we won the lottery to get bumped up). It was so nice. We were served a several course meal, with each course served separately: salad, hors d’oeuvres (which were fancy things like melon wrapped in prosciutto), bread (the stewardess came around with a basket full of warm rolls, and we got to pick which kind we wanted), entree (the vegetarian option was sun-dried tomato ravioli with pesto sauce), fruit and cheese, and finally dessert (chocolate Haagen Daz ice cream). Plus the seats were bigger and more comfortable, and had foot rests. Apparently first class had its own menu, and the seats all folded out into beds (given that this was an 11 hour flight…). First class also had a DVD library, while we were stuck with all the same TV channels as economy.

  3. (The thread that he deleted for whatever reason.) Anyway, you asked how I got a tab to show, and I can’t reproduce it right now. My best guess, although it isn’t reproducible either, is that something from another extension caused the tab. I was thinking gestures, but trying ‘new tab’ gestures did give a new window instead of a tab as well. Maybe it was a bug in an earlier version of tabkiller, or maybe another extension causes it…

  4. I think we (that is, everyone who comments on his journal) overwhelmed him with our collective failure at reading comprehension :oD.

    I noticed that TabKiller toggles the value of browser.tabs.opentabfor.middleclick, so if you disable/uninstall it, you have to manually set this back to ‘true’ if that is your desired behavior.

    Hmm. If I made a new post about tabs in browsers, would I be able to attach this comment to that?

  5. I’ll re-comment there or you can copy what you need, if that’s what you’re asking.

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