Keeping Up Appearances

Okay, I admit it – I like reading American Scientist on the T in part to be seen as the kind of person who would read American Scientist on the T.

4 comments on “Keeping Up Appearances
  1. Crud. I think I forgot to renew my Sigma Xi membership.

  2. Nicolas Ward says:

    I was like two months late and they sent me the relevant back issue.

  3. stepleton says:

    That’s nice. I like to read Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People AND Beat Up People who Read American Scientist on the T.

  4. flammifera says:

    I like taking the slipcovers off my trolley books — or burying the front/back covers in whatever bag I have with me — so that I don’t seem like any sort of person, pretentious or plebian.

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