Someone Else’s Gradumutation

I’m leaving presently to Swarthmore to see the Class of ’06 gradumutate. Thanks to Yale House and their ample crash space, and to Amtrak (and the T and SEPTA) and the way in which today they will not have any massive power failures. I’ll see some of you Swatward!


6 responses to “Someone Else’s Gradumutation”

  1. How long will you be local?

  2. Somehow, I think the phone will be best.

  3. Yeah, was hoping to catch him still at his machine… and I don’t have Herr Wardington’s cell.

  4. Let me know what’s going on.

    Or, you know, we could _all_ call him. Synchronize our watches or something…

  5. hahhaha. If you going to coordinate a mass nick-calling at a particular time, I might have to pull out my phone card to join in the fun :)

  6. Eat some corn for me!

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