The Burren

Since we both optionally commute through Davis Square, and I decided to meet for dinner this evening. I got there a bit early, having swapped Davis and Porter in my head and thinking that Davis was two stops from Alewife, so I wandered around a bit. I spotted the Irish pub The Burren, which looked like it had excellent fare of the meat and potatoes variety.

I had the beef guinness stew, and he had a shepherd’s pie. We also went through a guinness and a cider (I’m forgetting the brand at the moment) each. Needless to say, I’m incredibly full and just a wee bit toasted at the moment. I will definitely have to go back to take a turn at said pie at some point.

Mostly we just ate and talked shop – we’re doing very similar projects (web interfaces to linguistic processing backends), so we can’t talk in details at all, but we can whine about development environments (well, I can, he gets to use Linux) to our hearts content.

Anyway, if you’re in Somerville, I heartily recommend The Burren. They also have a sibling restaurant in Waltham called The Sekkigs or something to that effect. Live Irish music too.

Still addicted to WoW.


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  1. Sounds lovely!

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