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I got a phone call yesterday from none other than . Total digression from train of thought: I still pronounce his username as “oon-CLAY-ah-mos”, as in the first-person plural present tense of the Spanish verb “unclear” meaning “to make no sense”, as in “we are making no sense”. I’m not sure who the “we” is in Chris’ case, but no matter.

Anyway. I got a phone call yesterday from none other than , saying “I didn’t know A.T. was your uncle!”. In this case, he would be referring to my Uncle Andrew, who is a fairly involved Quaker. I had forgotten that he would be in Philadelphia for whatever Quaker get-together both he and Chris were at, but somehow they ended up in the same small group. When worlds collide and all that.

Since I’m widely known as a a Lutheran, I should probably explain that my mom’s dad’s side of the family is predominately Quaker, but there was some Lutheran-marrying and some point (and my dad’s side is Lutheran), so I got brought up “that way”. Apparently there are assorted famous Quakers on that side too.

Anyway, I thought it was interesting. And sort of weird that a member of my extended family would meet one of my Swat friends.


4 responses to “Insert Cheesy Disney Lyric Here”

  1. I still read the first part as “unclean”, and thus “un CLEE mus”.

  2. Washington actually, to nitpick.

    For the world’s information, your uncle is a very cool guy.

  3. Yeah, I realized that as soon as I read your post. Not sure why I was confused.

    I forgot to mention that he taught me all those funny gross-out elementary songs, like “Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts” and “Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory of the Burning of the School”.

  4. I think your reading would require an accent. Anyway to make that happen?

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