I voted for assorted city council, school board, and library board positions. Since there was no information that I could find online, other than a list of candidate names, I spent about 30 minutes interviewing the people standing next to various signs.

In particular, I talked to the “Yes” and “No” sides of the Community Preservation Act, a plan to raise property taxes slightly (and get matching funds from the state) to make capital investments in open land and historical buildings and turn them into public spaces. The Yes side thinks it’s a great idea, the No side thinks that the committee in favor of it was formed in an underhanded way and that raising taxes is a burden on the predominantly working-class citizenry of Watertown.

An interest way to occupy my evening.

An observation: all of the poll workers were retirees. Yay for people choosing to use their daytime availability to help those who work.

Hmm… I didn’t get an “I Voted” sticker.

Still addicted to WoW.


2 responses to “Voting”

  1. so where do you have characters now, for the record?

  2. Dwarven Rogue on Kirin Tor (RP)
    I wanted to try an RP server. He’s now my highest level character, and in shorter time – I found a great guild.

    Tauren Hunter on Bloodscalp (PvP)
    To hang out with many Swatties.

    Night Elf Druid on Kael’Thas
    For playing with two of my high school friends (what’s left of my D&D group) when we can all play simultaneously.

    Human Paladin on Kael’Thas
    For playing when only one of the aforementioned friends are available (we play catch-up in pairs).

    Gnome Warrior on Kael’Thas
    My first character, who I will probably not play again. Basically just for testing and trying out the basic interface – my other characters have been more interesting and with more interesting people.

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