Don’t Do What Danny Don’t Does

Remind me not to save my dream computers in my Apple Store shopping cart. While purchasing software for the SCCS, I very nearly accidentally bought myself a brand new 15″ PowerBook…

And to think I’ve only had a credit card for a few hours…

Holiday Inn” from Madman Across The Water by Elton John


3 responses to “Don’t Do What Danny Don’t Does”

  1. I’ve actually done something like that, but it was on Amazon before they created the “save until later” and “wish list” features. A Powerbook … now that would be a nifty accidental purchase.

  2. Except for the whole first-credit-card-tiny-credit-limit thing…

    Unless you know of someone who wants to buy one for me :oP.

  3. Oh, don’t worry, pay your bills responsibly, and soon they’ll have pumped up your credit line so much that you can charge more than your annual salary in a single month. Ugh.

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