Don’t Do What Danny Don’t Does

Remind me not to save my dream computers in my Apple Store shopping cart. While purchasing software for the SCCS, I very nearly accidentally bought myself a brand new 15″ PowerBook…

And to think I’ve only had a credit card for a few hours…

Holiday Inn” from Madman Across The Water by Elton John

3 comments on “Don’t Do What Danny Don’t Does
  1. stormwynd says:

    I’ve actually done something like that, but it was on Amazon before they created the “save until later” and “wish list” features. A Powerbook … now that would be a nifty accidental purchase.

  2. Nicolas Ward says:

    Except for the whole first-credit-card-tiny-credit-limit thing…

    Unless you know of someone who wants to buy one for me :oP.

  3. stormwynd says:

    Oh, don’t worry, pay your bills responsibly, and soon they’ll have pumped up your credit line so much that you can charge more than your annual salary in a single month. Ugh.

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