Enterprise Cancelled

Damn. Just when the series was finally getting good.


However, I will say that it is oddly appropriate that the series’ run aligns with my time at Swarthmore. The finale will even air during finals.

When discussing the possibility of its cancellation after this season, Emery and I agreed that it was a weird connection with our time at Swarthmore, particularly that our roommate relationship is pretty much built on our mutual love of Star Trek

Glancing over the production reports of the upcoming episodes, it looks like they’ll be tying up a few more interesting loose threads in the Trek universe, such as the events leading up to the formation of the Federation, which are being covered in the current episode arc, and a two-parter that will explain the flat-forehead Klingons of the original series.

Since there aren’t any other series in the pipeline, this means that nearly 18 continuous years of new Star Trek episodes are about to come to an end. I guess this will give me a chance to catch up on the few Deep Space Nine and Voyager episodes that I’ve missed. I have seen every TNG and Enterprise episode. I might even go out on a limb and watch the original series… but that’s asking a lot ;o).

It’s weird that I’m noticing this; the end of NextGen wasn’t a huge deal yet because at the time I had only been an avid fan for a few seasons. The finale to DS9 was very much about the closure of an amazing story arc, and reflected the darker and more mature nature to the series (thank you Behr and Wolfe!). The finale of Voyager was less interesting, because we all knew that they’d eventually get home.

Maybe it’s just a side effect of gradumutation coming up. ::sigh:: I promised myself that I wouldn’t cry…


2 responses to “Enterprise Cancelled”

  1. Were the other Star Trek series canceled, or did they end when their creators expected them to end? Was Enterprise expected to run longer?

  2. you’re not allowed to be a senior. :grumble:

    we wants you here longer, we does.

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