It Begins

I love the smell of code in the morning.

Today I churned out 777 lines of code. An oddly auspicious number, don’t you think? I didn’t even try to get that… but wc says that’s how many lines I have.

I now have a resizable GLUT drawing window that will respond to keyboard events. I have a camera that behaves the way I want it to (thus far), although I’ve only created left and right pans. Up and down pans, and translates, are forthcoming.

Once the simple interface is complete, I can move beyond my silly little test triangle and start building the scene. I’ll need to learn how to use OpenGL and GLU to be able to draw stuff, but first I need to come up with a vision…

I’m hoping that having a decent viewing system, allowing me to fly through my scene, will save me time later in the form of not having to render and open individual frames. Also, this way, I can do basic animation. Assuming I figure out how to do anything more than make the test triangle rotate…


4 responses to “It Begins”

  1. An oddly auspicious number, don’t you think?

    No! I think you’d better chmod that sucker right the hell now.

    (Umm, yeah, okay, some domain confusion there. But it was the first thing that came to mind, which may say something.)

  2. i know what you mean. auspicious if you see it as the number of god, but less so if you see it as permissions. i can’t tell which was first in my mind.

  3. I saw permissions, which confused me, because Nick already has root…

    I keep a file in my SCCS home directory called hahaha, just for the purpose of producing double-takes from anyone who runs ls -o while there…

  4. murph. squidgy.

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