¡Soy el Conquistador de Puerto Rico!

I’m not sure if this is the first time that I’ve won Puerto Rico, but it is definitely a personal high score. I definitely have not had a margin this large before, either, at least not one where I was on top. We were playing with a random mix of original and expansion buildings.

  • Noda – 24
  • Mark – 29
  • Chris – 32
  • Nick – 50

As you can see, I had the Guild Hall with maximum VP, because I had all 6 production buildings. I also had 18 “colonists”, which gave me 6 VP from the Fortress. I don’t think I had a great strategy or anything; my only real strategy is to try and build cool stuff. Mark definitely helped me several times by allowing me to sell my coffee (on which I had a monopoly), which kept my cashflow up high enough to buy more buildings.

Even ignoring my victory, it was a great game, and a great end to a great day.

It started with Spike airing a 4th season DS9 episode I hadn’t seen before. Then I had to go to the orthodontist, where my retainers still fit in spite of me not wearing them all semester. Dr. Ross wants me to get corrective jaw surgery, but this doesn’t really phase me. At this point it would make a health problem (surgery recovery) out of a potential distant-horizon health problem (uneven tooth wear due to bite misalignment).

Basically what happened is that, during my last growth spurt freshman year, my lower jaw outgrew the rest of my skull. My teeth now hit dead-on, instead of my lower teeth fitting in behind my upper teeth. I think I must have stopped clenching my teeth at some point, since I obviously can’t anymore.

At any rate, I doubt that I am going to get the surgery, at least not any time soon. I realize that I should at some point, but this year is the worst possible time for me to have to deal with something like that, since I’m trying to find a job and get settled.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I spent the afternoon at Breck, which was fun. I don’t think it went to my head, but that amount of praise is always sort of weird for me.

When I got home, my dad and I watched the stream of Steve Job’s MacWorld keynote speech. If you haven’t seen the Mac mini, or the iPod shuffle (see footnote #2 on that page), you will quickly understand why I am a happy little MacAddict.

It really is a religious experience to worship at the iAltar. Yay for Steve Jobs and his extremely powerful reality distortion field. I am really looking forward to iLife ’05 and Tiger, but I don’t think I will buy them; I’ll just get them included with whatever new Mac (probably a beefy PowerMac G5) I get after gradumutation.

After watching the keynote, I beat my mom in Scrabble, marking my 4th victory in a row, which is unprecedented. I fear that her mind is going… oh, hi mom! No bingos this time, however.

Finished up the night with LiveJournal updates and the afore-mentioned game of Puerto Rico. We also played TransAmerica, but since I lost that, and it was after midnight, it doesn’t count against my awesome day.


2 responses to “¡Soy el Conquistador de Puerto Rico!”

  1. Do not taunt iHappyFunBall.

  2. I won a four-player game of Puerto Rico a few weeks ago with 55 points, over a three-way tie for second with 41. :^)

    Today’s five-way game, with random expansion buildings, was 57 – 55 – 53 – 37 – 35 or something like that. (Didn’t keep the scoresheet, but it was close at the top, and two way behind.) I had the 55, and would’ve won going away with 64, but I foolishly bought a Harbor (which I only used once to ship twice, for 5 points total) when I should’ve gotten the Cloister (which would’ve given me 14, as I had three each of Quarries, Corn, Sugar, and Tobacco). I thought I’d have time to use the Harbor at least twice, and pick up the Cloister later, but the game was clearly ending too soon for that. Doh.

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