In the tradition of bragging about his graphics images, I give you one of my own:

The model is a 3D wireframe of polygons and lines, but I’m just doing a simple orthographic projection to removing the z-coordinates and squish everything into the image plane. This is why I didn’t sleep much last night.

Now that I have the model, I’ll be able to make more interesting images with it.






6 responses to “Graphics”

  1. deathbysnusnu Avatar

    That is very nice. It would definitely wreck our TIE Fighter, which is merely two-dimensional and has inferior weaponry. Stop making me and look bad.

    And your wings move and everything, too. Awesome.

  2. tirerim Avatar

    Wow. With a little more work, you’ll be making primitive video games!

  3. grumpy_sysadmin Avatar

    Dude, is the nose really that narrow on the original? It looks wrong, but everything else looks right, so…

  4. Nicolas Ward Avatar

    I tried to follow the diagrams in the Guide to Vehicles and Starships as best as I could. I didn’t do an overlay, so I was just eyeballing the distances. I’m happy with the result.

  5. deathbysnusnu Avatar

    He’s right about the nose, though. It has this thingy on the end. Kind of like you put a little bell onto the end of it or something.

    But getting into the specifics of X-Wing layout is missing the point of all this, anyway: 3D engine-mabob goodness!

  6. ashsong Avatar


    We’re so far behind… :)

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