In the tradition of bragging about his graphics images, I give you one of my own:

The model is a 3D wireframe of polygons and lines, but I’m just doing a simple orthographic projection to removing the z-coordinates and squish everything into the image plane. This is why I didn’t sleep much last night.

Now that I have the model, I’ll be able to make more interesting images with it.


6 responses to “Graphics”

  1. That is very nice. It would definitely wreck our TIE Fighter, which is merely two-dimensional and has inferior weaponry. Stop making me and look bad.

    And your wings move and everything, too. Awesome.

  2. Wow. With a little more work, you’ll be making primitive video games!

  3. Dude, is the nose really that narrow on the original? It looks wrong, but everything else looks right, so…

  4. I tried to follow the diagrams in the Guide to Vehicles and Starships as best as I could. I didn’t do an overlay, so I was just eyeballing the distances. I’m happy with the result.

  5. He’s right about the nose, though. It has this thingy on the end. Kind of like you put a little bell onto the end of it or something.

    But getting into the specifics of X-Wing layout is missing the point of all this, anyway: 3D engine-mabob goodness!

  6. Bravo!

    We’re so far behind… :)

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