For some reason, I do not have Disc 2 of Riven. This makes the game non-functional. I don’t know what happened to it; all I can figure is that I lent the game to someone at some point, and it came back incomplete. I don’t know how else just one disc would have walked off.

This is unfortunate, because I’m taking all of my old mac games and setting up an old mac gaming station in the media lounge.


5 responses to “Riven”

  1. I have all of Riven PC.

  2. Spectre!!!

    How much can Riven cost these days? Ten bucks? Five?

  3. Oh, that’s a really cool idea. Will there be anything for old PC games, too?

  4. I’ve got Mac-Riven, though of course it’s packed at the moment. Email me and I’d be happy to lend it.

  5. You’re being cruel to people who have limited abilities to act on their priorities, aren’t you?

    I think you can pick up the set of 3 for about $10 from myst.com or something. Can’t remember URL off the top of ny head.

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