Day: August 6, 2004

AAAI ’04 – Victory

As you probably already heard, perhaps in Fritz’ LJ entry, or on the Swarthmore home page, we won the Urban Search & Rescue competition. We didn’t just win; we kicked some serious smart people ass ;o). We set a record

AAAI ’04 – Final Rounds

As I mentioned in my previous post, we didn’t get that many points in the first of our final rounds. We won’t be able to see our detailed score analysis for a while, because the final day on Wednesday was

AAAI ’04 – Preliminary Rounds

Just as we experienced last year in Acapulco, the American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) conference is a time for very little sleep, very good food, and more coding in a 5-day period than should be humanly possible. My body

A Flurry of Posts

I’m packing up my room at this point. I’m also posting some entries I wrote last week during the USR competition at AAAI ’04. They were written during the event, so the point of view is probably a bit skewed.