A Flurry of Posts

I’m packing up my room at this point. I’m also posting some entries I wrote last week during the USR competition at AAAI ’04. They were written during the event, so the point of view is probably a bit skewed. Sorry for the delay, but I’m busy, busy, busy!


3 responses to “A Flurry of Posts”

  1. “A Flurry of Posts”
    This means you’ve got a -2 on this post and all subsequent ones in the round. Good luck.

    (ducks, dodges tomatoes.)

  2. That is terrible.

    Also, no longer factual, as you’ll note in the SRD:
    he only suffers a -1 penalty if he is at least level 5, and no penalty if level 9 or higher. And if Nick is level 11 or higher, he gets TWO whole attacks.

    Therefore, based on his four posts today, three of which are about equal in length and one of which is this little stub, Nick is clearly at least a level 11 monk, getting +8 to his base posting bonus, +8/+3 if he takes a full-round action, or a whopping four posts per day +8/+8/+8/+3 if he flurries (with no penalties).

    Hmm… I think explaining it is probably ten times worse than making the initial joke.

    Also, I’m betting he multi-classed somewhere.

    *runs far, far away*

  3. You are all AWESOME. ::returns to planning a D20 Modern adventure::

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