A Beach Alight

I left Hicks this evening just in time to get rained on. As I walked by Parrish Beach, I saw many tiny lights in the grass. The storm front rolling in brought the fireflies out early, because of the darkening sky. To my engineer brain, it looked like an array of LEDs, blinking in some sequence. It looked really cool!

Walking past the athletic fields, I thought about what I would post to my LJ if I got struck by lightning and survived. Yup, I’m a weird kid.

Speaking of a thousand points of light, I think it’s really cool that Bush the Elder jumped out of a plane – twice – on his 80th birthday. It would have been cooler if he had done it himself, instead of tandem, but I can’t imagine many octogenarians’ legs can handle even a soft impact. Bush the Elder definitely gets some awesome points for this. It’s too bad Little Georgie didn’t join him – without the parachute :oD.


2 responses to “A Beach Alight”

  1. Yes, the Beach has the most beautiful lights I’ve ever seen. I think the rain stimulates them, because when it drizzled a couple nights ago they were like that too. A field of little rising flames.

  2. Skydiving rockorz.

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