A RoboRally Question

What should I use for the resolution of the images for the elements on the individual board tiles? My first thought is 128×128, but only because that’s a medium square size, and it’s the same size as OS X icons… thoughts?


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  1. That seems a bit large — you wouldn’t be able to fit much of a board on an average monitor (this is assuming you’re displaying it on screen, not printing them out). 64×64 would let you fit a whole board on a 1024×768 screen, just barely, so that might be the way to go, or maybe 60×60, so it’d be less just barely. You might be better off just printing them out, though, in which case one-inch squares at 300 or 600 dpi should do it.

  2. These would be the tile images, and thus the absolute maximum size; I’d generally be scaling them down, but I don’t want to end up in a situation where I’d have to interpolate up and anti-alias. The actual display size of a given cell could be much smaller.

  3. Ah, okay. In that case, 300×300 or 600×600 may
    very well be the way to go, since that scales down
    to 60×60 easily. Or if you really think you’ll
    never be printing them out, then maybe just double
    size at 120×120 or 128×128. The main thing is
    that when scaling down, particularly to a small
    size, it’s generally better to be able to divide it

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