Harry Potter 3

My sister got to see Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban today. My aunt (who also lives in the Minneapolis area, Edina to be specific) works in advertising, and often gets freebies.

In this case, my sister got to take my cousins to see a preview screening of the third Harry Potter movie. I’m still going to go at midnight on opening night, but she’s beaten me by a whole week! The unfairness!

Okay, I’ll stop whinging now. Unfortunately, this means that I won’t be able to IM or phone her, since she probably won’t be able to help revealing something about the movie. I mean, yes, I know the whole story already (having read it at least 5 times, not including my efforts to read #3 in Spanish), but the movie is different. The visuals can change everything.

So, yeah. ::directs envy at sibling::

Posts about the last week and assorted other stuff are forthcoming, once I finish unpacking.






3 responses to “Harry Potter 3”

  1. stormwynd Avatar

    I’d say that your sibling-directed envy is fully justified.

    Of course, where I live, there aren’t even going to be midnight showings, so the best I can do is 10 am on Friday morning.


  2. nautiluspq Avatar

    ::is also envious::

  3. flammifera Avatar

    As I say every time I think of it, if I can’t find a theater that has movies *subtitled* in Spanish (so I can still hear the English dialogue) within a couple weeks of getting there (or when it comes out in Spain, I’ll be very. put. out. (I may even cross the French border, since I think it comes out earlier there.)

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