Back to Sea

Tonight, instead of doing a lot of work, I did a little bit of work (finished up my fourth lab report for E25), and returned to playing Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates, which I haven’t touched in over 2 months. I’d missed several updates, but just this week they released the patch that allows wars between flags.

Right now, my crew is engaged in a series of hour-long battles to try to capture an entire island for our flag. Wish us luck :o).

I Am Your Man” from Don’t Tell Me You Do by Rockapella


One response to “Back to Sea”

  1. You were in Austria?? That’s amazing! I am so JEALOUS!

    *Bleep* Looks like Bush is on TV giving a speech! What’s the bastard going to tell us now? Must go now.

    Anyways, I hate you. J/k.=)


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