Weirder and Weirder…

My dreams are approaching inexplicable.

It started with my sister, her friend, a few of my friends from high school and I barely escaping the tidal wave caused by a comet in pact out in the harbor. We then spent a few hours trying to sneak onto a waterpark ride with Weird Al, that involved riding toboggans down a roller-coaster style track. We got caught, so we decided to go to a movie. We went to this massive Cineplex Odeon (interesting that that theater chain has gone out of business), and ended up seeing Robin William’s latest dramedy.

Then I was just flying on a 747, being served omelettes by a superior officer as part of a naval training mission. “Weird Al” Yankovic was on board, and we were hanging out. I was too afraid of getting demoted, so I wouldn’t ask for more pepper, so he asked for me. Then he got arrested by two MPs (does the Navy even have MPs?), and taken off the plane. We were in mid-air at the time, but they seemed to have no problem with this. Of course, as I explained to my fellow cadets, this was all cover so Weird Al could go to his parents’ funeral without any reporters following him.

Then my alarm woke me up, in time for Easter brunch. Yay!

Note that the last part is true – Weird Al’s parents died Friday from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by their home fireplace. Very sad, and yet despite this, he still performed at his concert yesterday in Minnesota. And apparently had time to enter my dreams… stupid brain.


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  1. Wow. That’s really wierd.

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