And with the final play of “smarm”, which Emery unwisely challenged, I am Scrabble Champion again. About time I broke his streak. He was almost catching up to me in the stats. Here’s a plot of our average game, as of the previous game:

This is our average score per turn over a number of games
Average Score Per Turn
This is a representation of an average game, based on the score per turn
Average Game

Yes, I’ve done a statistical analysis of over 15 of our Scrabble games this semester. It’s not like it’s something to be ashamed of. Plus, I’m winning :oP.

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One response to “Smarm!”

  1. It is nothing to be ashamed of! I think it is awesome!

    If you have lots of time on your hands, you could learn how to properly forecast time series, and then you could project who will win in future games, without actually having to play them.

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