Grarrr!!! Nick Mad

Someone deleted my Ratchet & Clank saved game on the SCCS PlayStation. They didn’t delete the entire save file; just my game slot, which means they had to be playing R&C to delete it. At least, I think that’s what happened as of 8:30 tonight. There were 3 save slots open!!

I suppose this is a message telling me that I shouldn’t play the game anymore… but I really wanted to beat the game and see the end! Now I’m going to have to play through a bunch of stuff I’ve already beaten just to get to where I left off. At least six and a half hours of “work”, gone.

I’m thinking bloody vengeance. Maybe I should mess up the account of whoever is responsible… ;o)

I definitely had the classic shock-denial-anger-acceptance reaction, except I haven’t gotten to the last step yet. “Where’s my save game? How could it be gone??!!” “Hmm… maybe it’s on the other memory card…” “I will kill the person who deleted my game!!” and so forth…

I guess I’m just going to end up being really really good at the first few worlds of this game. Maybe I can get all of the bonuses and stuff…

EDIT: It is possible that either (a) there is a fault with the memory card or (b) I turned the PS2 off to quickly after saving a game. If the latter happened, I swear I waited for the save screen to go away… I think I’d be madder if it turns out to be my fault.

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