Working for the SCCS

I know I haven’t been updating lately. I’ve been spending a lot of my free time working for the SCCS. I know a number of you who read my journal are users, and I can tell you, we’re doing good stuff. You just have to be patient with us :o).

Here’s some of the random stuff I’ve done for the SCCS over the last few months:

  • Cleaned up the media lounge. You’d be surprised how much random garbage was lying around.
  • Got the LOS Task Request System working again (With the help of LOS’ creator, of course)
  • Rewrote some of the task requests to fit our setup on the new server
  • Rewrote the backup scripts to use our new higher-capacity tapes, with support for a multi-tape backup of everything
  • Upgraded Peregrine, our G4, to Panther (Mac OS 10.3)
  • Wrote a ton of documentation for staff, so we can know what we did during all of this setup
  • Installed three new 36 GB drives for our /home and /Web RAID array into their drive carriers

I’ve been spending a lot of time updating the staffwiki. It’s fun. I’m pretty much obsessed with wikis now. Updating WikiPages is also a great way to procrastinate from doing work. Kind of like what I’m doing right now.

We’ve got some big stuff coming up for the SCCS: We’re going to be reopening the Media Lounge on Monday. Not all of the clients are set up yet, but we’ve got 5 working Sun Ultra 10s from the CS department, one of which is a dual-monitor setup. We’ve also got Peregrine, our G4, and we’ve got a dual 1.8 GHz G5 on its way. That will probably arrive next week, but not in time for the opening. We’re going to put a wireless hub down there, also. We will have some downtime in the near future while we upgrade the drives in Roc, which will double the storage space available for web and home directories. That doesn’t mean you can abuse said space; we’ll be implementing soft and hard quotas, too :oP.


It’s all finally coming together, after a year of very, very slow migratory motion from Merlin to Roc and Osprey. We’re oddly like birds. Appropriate, no?

Baby, What A Big Surprise” from The Heart Of Chicago 1967-1998 Volume II by Chicago


5 responses to “Working for the SCCS”

  1. *more than* doubles current space. nearly triples both, in fact.

  2. hooray for documentation!

  3. So, will the quotas be the same (20MB soft) as before, or will they be larger? (Yes, I know I should just clean out my chat folder…)

  4. This is an issue that we will decide on once we’re ready to implement quotas. All I can tell you know is that we will be doing both hard and soft quotas, and that during the grace period, you will be bombarded with obnoxious e-mails from us :oP.

  5. I’m already bombarded by obnoxious emails from y’all, since I have about 35MB in my home directory. I always make sure to delete them immediately to save space, though. (I did actually manage to delete about 150 chat messages yesterday, which brought the total under 3000.)

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