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  • Work Where You Want

    For those of us in the “knowledge economy” we have the privilege of our work largely being decoupled from objects and places. Whether it’s coding, designing, writing, or any number of other activities that involve manipulating information, little more is required than ourselves, a computer, and an internet connection. This feature has been of particular…

  • Working as Intended

    Working as Intended

    “Stop typing so loud, I’m trying to sleep!”

  • The Last 10 Y

    If I had to summarize my last decade in the cheesiest way possible, it would be with the phrase “growing together”: I met Andrle just a bit over 10 years ago. All of my major life events since then have been our major life events: engagement, marriage, birth of a child, new jobs, many moves……

  • North of the Wall

    The parking lot at work knows nothing.

  • Dude, You’re Getting Dell

    One of my coworkers appears to have metamorphosed into many Dell monitors.

  • Phone Graveyard

    The office PDX was replace with a VoIP system, but they’re still collecting the old handsets.