Tag: washington

  • Warren 2020

    Excited to vote for Elizabeth Warren this Super Tuesday in the Washington state Democratic Presidential Primary. She’s got the progressive plans!

  • Web of Ash

    Noticed this morning that an industrious spider on our balcony had captured a number of ash flakes from the Eagle Creek Fire in her web.

  • Mystery Object

    What is this strange device?

  • Frosted

    I captured a few shots of the frost we’ve had the last two days, mostly in our shaded front yard. I’m really impressed with the detail a phone camera can capture these days… even when it overwhelms my server!

  • Neighbor Chicken

       She really looks like she’s going to jump into our yard.

  • Rainbow

    A rainbow over our house and our neighbor’s after today’s downpours.

  • Lawn Care

       Mowed the hard way. Good workout before it rains.

  • Crop Circles

      The marks left on the grass by Theo’s playset always reminds me of Star Trek IV’s Klingon Bird-of-prey.

  • Mown

     Freshly cut grass and long shadows.


      Someone in Vancouver wins a prize for best bumper sticker, vanity plate, and car color combination. That or the Doctor fixed the chameleon circuit.